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About Me


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Patty was born in Barranquilla, Colombia where she majored in Tourism Administration, but her passion was always cooking and baking. Since she was a little girl, she used to sneak in her mother’s kitchen, where she tasted the very best of the lebanese and palestinian food. Those were the first dishes she learned to cook. She inherited the fruit cake, butter cake and the Arabian sweets recipes that she still keeps in her recipe book.


While she was a student, she used to bake cupcakes, brownies, cookies, truffles and other desserts and would give them out to neighbors as afternoon snacks for their children. Little by little, neighbors started ordering her desserts. That's how she realized that this business was her life passion and what she wanted to pursue as an occupation. 


Years after, she included the catering service to her business, while taking professional courses like dessert decoration and wedding cake decoration. She created a healthy and gluten free line to accommodate her clients’ needs. She has taken cake decoration courses at Wilton and a catering course at Penn Foster.

Patty is always innovating and trying new recipes to amaze her clients. Her family is very supportive and are the first ones to try all her delicious food in every family event.

Her greatest satisfaction is seeing her clients happy and enjoying her food!

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